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Can You Put Decorative Concrete Over Existing Concrete?


Concrete is a very durable and reliable material for flooring. Most homeowners prefer it for their flooring given the immense benefits it offers. However, with the improving designs, some people want to upgrade their concrete floors to something more attractive with decorative concrete. But they are often confused about putting decorative concrete over their existing concrete. The answer is yes! Decorative Concrete can be installed over your existing concrete.

Tearing out and replacing concrete is a time-consuming and costly affair. It is best to get decorative concrete resurfacing over your existing concrete floor for an economical option.

Since it is a commonly asked question, let us see what decorative concrete team say about putting decorative concrete over existing concrete.

Can You Put Decorative Concrete Over Existing Concrete?

The answer to this question is YES! You can easily put decorative concrete over existing concrete and get the same appeal at a much lower price. You can use stamped concrete on new or existing concrete and interior or exterior surfaces. Many people also get resurfacing done on walls and other vertical surfaces. Additionally, you can refresh the appearance of your existing driveways, patios, walkways, pool decks, and floors with stamped decorative concrete.

How Can You Stamp an Existing Concrete?

A decorative overlay is a durable and easy maintenance option when applied properly. It is important that the decorative concrete team near you prepare the existing concrete properly by cleaning it thoroughly and repairing any cracks. They should also roughen the surface by profiling, so the bond between the overlay and concrete is strong.

When is Putting Decorative Concrete Over Existing Concrete Not Possible?

You can get decorative concrete over your existing concrete in most cases. However, ensuring that the existing concrete is not irreparably damaged is crucial. Your contractor should remove cracks, heaves, and other unresolved issues, as they may affect the efficiency of the new layer.

How Much Does Putting Decorative Concrete Over Existing Concrete Cost?

While getting a decorative concrete overlay is more cost-efficient than other flooring options, it is still at the higher end of the overlay product cost chart. The price can be anywhere between $3 to $10 per square foot. Your contractor might also ask for a flat rate if the working surface is smaller. The rate can also depend on the surface area. The larger the project, the lower the per-square-foot rate you might get. Moreover, the labor cost is separate from the overlay costs and depends on a few factors, like the market rates in your area, the size of the project, and the details of the imprint.

About Concrete Solutions-

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