Pool Deck Stamped Concrete Services for Delray Beach Residents

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Pool Deck Stamped Concrete Services for Delray Beach Residents

Reinvent your pool area with an exquisite and long-lasting concrete pool deck from Concrete Solutions of Florida. Specializing in stamped, resurfaced and stained concrete pool decks - three options which give you plenty of ways to beautify and create a long-term durable design - concrete pool decks provide many decorative choices not available with other common pool deck materials; additionally they're easy to maintain: when properly sealed stamped, resurfaced and stained concrete will resist UV fading from sun exposure while remaining protected against constant water exposure and harsh pool chemicals

Stamped concrete pool decks add texture and patterns to your outdoor space while being budget-friendly options that mimic other surfaces like wood, stone or slate.

Colored and stamped concrete pool deck surfaces offer beauty, durability and low maintenance needs for pool owners. Stamped concrete allows you to design a surface suited perfectly for you by choosing from an array of patterns and colors that you can combine together to customize it exactly as you please.

Stamped concrete when properly sealed will withstand harsh pool chemicals, constant water exposure and fading. To increase slip resistance when wet, mix a non-skid grit additive into the sealer or choose one with no heat absorption for even greater comfort on bare feet.

Concrete Solutions of Florida's concrete pool decks transform any pool deck into a backyard oasis at a fraction of the cost, mimicking natural stone, brick, or other finishes without breaking the bank.

Are You Wondering If Stamped Concrete Is Right For My Pool Deck?

Stamped concrete is an ideal material to create your pool deck, offering versatility, cost effectiveness and design benefits - yet is still cost-effective and aesthetic considerations are key when selecting any pool deck material. Seamless stamps give it the look of solid stone. A textured pool deck installation creates natural stone-like surface which can be highlighted with sawcut lines to complete its look.

Stamped pool decks are made with highly-durable materials that will stand up against harsh environmental elements and look beautiful alongside stone surroundings. We use real stone molds to give your pool deck the same texture and look found in nature and can custom stain according to your preferences.

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Pattern and Color Options for Your Pool Deck

Color options to keep the pool deck cooler during hot summer days or take your back yard to the next level with decorative concrete in unique patterns or colors are at our fingertips, as is safety of pool area - non-skid grit additive in sealer ensures better traction so your warm summer days spent by the pool will be more enjoyable without fear of your children slipping and falling.

If your pool deck heats up quickly under the heat of the sun all day long, keeping it cool could be as simple as selecting a lighter concrete color with stamped designs that reflect what you want out of life. Or add an eye-catching element by setting off your pool deck with decorative borders in different patterns or colors for added style!

Resurfacing Your Pool Deck, Coatings & Repair

Pool resurfacing is an excellent way to modernize the appearance and increase value in your home. There are various pool resurfacing options available such as concrete resurfacing, fiberglass coatings or tile coverings. Each option offers different advantages and drawbacks, so it is wise to consult a pool resurfacing professional when selecting an option to resurface your pool. In addition to aesthetic considerations, other important aspects include your type of pool and budgetary concerns. Once you've decided on pool resurfacing, Concrete Solutions of Florida's team will perform a meticulous pool cleaning before applying the new surface - usually taking approximately two weeks from start to finish. Once complete, your new pool will become the envy of its neighbors!

Are You Thinking About Resurfacing Your Pool? Whether your pool has started showing its age or simply needs an update, pool resurfacing offers numerous advantages that could improve appearance, surface protection and extend lifespan. Resurfacing may offer the perfect solution. Resurfacing offers several advantages that could increase its lifespan such as improved looks and surface protection - with added longevity benefits too.

Concrete Solutions of Florida specialize in pool resurfacing in Boynton Beach and nearby areas, and we're eager to put our experience to work for you. Contact us now to discover more or arrange for a complimentary consultation session!

“Neal and his crew at Concrete Solutions are best in class!
From start to finish they were responsive to our request. Quoted us quick and professionally. Then handled the job as true professionals. Starting on schedule and on time. Then doing an absolutely fantastic job! Which came out, just as we had envisioned.
If you are looking to have your pool deck, side walk or driveway upgraded, then give Concrete Solutions a call.

Concrete Solutions of Florida provides trusted pool deck renovation team in West Palm Beach. With our expansive resources, design options and industry experience we take pool building and remodeling to a whole new level - making your backyard dreams come true in West Palm Beach! Our pool renovation team bring over 25 years of firsthand experience to deliver you quality craftsmanship you can rely on - providing comprehensive repairs or replacement of pool equipment when necessary.

As there are so many stamped concrete design options to select from, selecting the appropriate pattern and style may prove daunting. Our craftsmen can assist in selecting one that complements the architecture of your home while simultaneously helping create an ambiance you seek to achieve.

if you have any inquiries regarding our pool deck options or would like to share any thoughts with us, don't hesitate to give us a call or visit our FAQ page. When the time comes to revamp your backyard and create your pool deck, reach out for a complimentary design consultation and estimate today!

By working closely with you and the surface itself, we ensure clean results and long-lasting surfaces. Should you desire specific textures or colors, they can be created while resistance and longevity remain our top priorities.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question for us? Here are a few questions from our past customers.

What does it mean to resurface a pool deck?

Pool deck resurfacing is when your pool deck gets resurfaced and touched to keep it looking new and remove any defects it may have acquired over the years. This service is specifically rendered to outdoor pool areas that have concrete flooring already installed and just needs to be retouched.

How much does it cost to resurface concrete around a pool?

So, if your pool deck is averagely sized at around 700-800 square feet and you're seeking a basic concrete overlay, you might be looking at around $3,000-$4,000. If you're seeking a more decorative job involving cutting and staining, then you might be looking more at $5,000-$6,000.

What does it mean to resurface a pool deck?

Pool deck resurfacing is when your pool deck gets resurfaced and touched to keep it looking new and remove any defects it may have acquired over the years. This service is specifically rendered to outdoor pool areas that have concrete flooring already installed and just needs to be retouched.

Is stamped concrete good for a pool deck?

Stamped concrete is a good choice for your pool area if you need something beautiful, durable, affordable, and easy to care for.

Are stamped concrete pool decks slippery?

Even using aggressive stamp patterns and adding silica sand or Shark Grip to the concrete sealer, the deck will still be very slippery when wet. Choosing a dark or bold colored stamped concrete gets really hot in the sun and is not comfortable to walk on.

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