Ensure Your Concrete is Stable Before Investing in Decorative Concrete

Stable Concrete is Key - Ensure Your Concrete is Stable Before Investing in Decorative Concrete. Concrete Solutions is your answer.
Ensure Your Concrete is Stable

There’s nothing on earth that isn’t vulnerable to nature. Changes in temperature, drought, intense rain, the sun, and other factors can change the integrity of a wall, roof, and even a foundation. Concrete Solutions, FL offers concrete stabilization and lifting services sure to correct any foundation that has settled.

Installing decorative concrete to your home’s outdoor areas is a great way to add value, beauty, and curb appeal. Before you do, Concrete Solutions, FL would like you to consider the stability of your structure to ensure your improvement project doesn’t turn into a repair.

Concrete stabilization before it’s too late

There are many causes for a foundation to settle and concrete to sink. Poor compaction, biological decay, and erosion are just a few reasons for a concrete slab to descend. Our experts understand how to correct these flaws with concrete stabilization and lifting services.

Many times, companies take on jobs before understanding the full scope of work to be done. Contractors will begin work only to find the foundations are settling, or unable to be worked on. Concrete Solutions, FL will ensure your structures are stable before initiating any improvement project.

Utilizing the most innovative concrete lifting technology, we can repair virtually any size project, no matter the weight. Our lifting foams can carry from 7,200 to 14,000 lbs. per square ft. and Downtime is minimal. Typically, repaired slabs are traffic ready in as little as 15 minutes.

Final word

At Concrete Solutions, FL, not only do we offer decorative concrete and new concrete such as driveways, decks, patios, slabs and other indoor concrete services; we’re South Florida’s premier concrete stabilization and lifting solutions provider. We understand the climate, how it affects concrete, and how to care for this important component of our lives.

Call us now (561) 577-6085 and let Concrete Solutions, FL ensure that your foundations are stable before adding decorative concrete, or contact us here.