Concrete Solutions uses the strongest lifting foam on the market

Concrete Solutions uses the Strongest Lifiting Foam on the market

When repairing a sunken concrete slab, you should think long-term and the possible applications the surface will be used for in the future. If the repair is faulty, the implications could be disastrous so having an experienced company professionally lift and stabilize your concrete is essential to the future of your surfaces. Concrete Solutions is your lifting and stabilization expert, using the highest quality polyurethane lifting foam on the market to ensure maximum support under any weight.

Before the advent of concrete lifting applications of polyurethane foams, the common technique for lifting sunken concrete slabs was called “mudjacking”. This involved pumping cementitious grout underneath the concrete, but results vary due to the inconsistency of the materials. Polyurethane foams offer maximum consistency, density, and compressive strength.

How strong is polyurethane lifting foam?

The National Home Builders Association and the International Building Code list clay at 4,000 PSF (pounds per SQ. FT.) and crystalline bedrock as having 12,000 PSF. Our polyurethane concrete lifting foam can reach anywhere from 7,200 to 14,000 pounds per square foot which makes it superior to anything used in traditional mudjacking.

Concrete stabilization is also easier to achieve with polyurethane foams. Since these materials are much lighter than the mud used in mudjacking, the foam can spread out and fill air pockets and crevasses like nothing else. Compare 3-4 pounds per cubic foot to 100-150 pounds per cubic foot, and the difference is substantial.

Another benefit of using polyurethane lifting foam for concrete stabilization and lifting is that the substance cures to 90% full strength in just 15 minutes. This allows for the almost immediate use of the surface area treated with the lifting foam with long lasting results.

Final thought

So, if you notice sinking in any surface you can be sure that underneath the ground is settling and it’s bound to get worse. Contact Concrete Solutions, FL for the best and most durable concrete stabilizing and lifting results: or call 561-577-6085