Concrete Lifting Helps Level Your Concrete Surfaces Without Replacement

Concrete Lifting Helps Level Your Concrete Surfaces Without Replacement - Call Concrete Solutions Today!Why do foundations settle?

Foundations settle, it’s a fact of life. Erosion, poor compaction, biological decay, and many other factors can cause concrete slabs to sink. These sunken slabs become dangerous as well as eyesores, and replacing the slab is a painstaking and costly process. Luckily, Concrete Solutions offers expert concrete stabilization and lifting services throughout Broward and Palm Beach counties.

No matter how well constructed a concrete surface is, most foundations inevitably settle. From driveways to warehouses, sidewalks and more; Concrete Solutions employs ultra-durable polyurethane lifting foam to fill all the voids that cause sinking.

Don’t wait until someone gets hurt, and call Concrete Solutions. Our concrete leveling services can restore your sidewalk, warehouse floor, and much more.

Concrete Stabilization and Lifting

When concrete slabs start to sink, you can be sure the foundation underneath has started to settle. Our concrete lifting service can repair voids under the slab, and lift the concrete to its originally intended height.

Replacing entire concrete slabs is a costly investment that can cause downtime. Concrete lifting can be an enormous undertaking, but Concrete Solutions offers affordable and effective leveling solutions for any foundation.

Using the latest concrete lifting technology, we employ the same polyurethane lifting foams used to level airport slabs that support jumbo jets. The strength of our concrete stabilizing and lifting foam equals to 7,200 to 14,000 lbs. per square ft. of support. Our polymers are stronger than crystalline bedrock.

Final Word

When your concrete starts lifting, you have several options. Do nothing, and wait for a more expensive repair. Replace, causing downtime. Or call Concrete Solutions, FL. We employ the latest polymers lift foams that cure to 90% full strength in 15 minutes. In most cases, the site is ready for traffic right after clean up. Call us today at 561-577-6085 or use our Contact form to get started.

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