Get on Solid Ground about Stabilizing Your Concrete

Get on Solid Ground about Stabilizing Your Concrete Like most things in life, concrete stabilizing runs much deeper than the surface. Unfortunately, when it comes to the topic, there’s a glaring lack of mindfulness about the proper procedures and, as a result, most people settle for sub-par safety standards. However, neglect can increase the likelihood … Read more

Enhance Your Floors with Concrete Overlays

Whether you’ve moved into a fixer-upper, or your own home’s concrete has just seen better days, the best way to quickly and affordably improve your home’s appearance is with a concrete overlay. With concrete, it is inevitable that after a few decades (or a few years, depending on the quality of the initial installation), your … Read more

How Concrete Can Help Enhance Your Landscape

Concrete Solutions wants to help you enhance your landscape with stunning driveways, texturized patios, and safe, eye-catching pool decks. With the right style and design, decorative concrete can take a regular yard and amplify all of the details that make it beautiful. We don’t simply lay down concrete and leave—we want to create beauty in … Read more

The Decorative Concrete Overlay Process

Concrete Solutions wants to give you the finished, clean appearance of tile by using our decorative concrete overlay process. If you are looking to use decorative concrete on your next home project, then you’ll want to know how our stamped concrete is made and designed. Make sure your overlay looks pristine for years to come … Read more

Ensure Your Concrete is Stable Before Investing in Decorative Concrete

There’s nothing on earth that isn’t vulnerable to nature. Changes in temperature, drought, intense rain, the sun, and other factors can change the integrity of a wall, roof, and even a foundation. Concrete Solutions, FL offers concrete stabilization and lifting services sure to correct any foundation that has settled. Installing decorative concrete to your home’s … Read more