Concrete Lifting Solutions

If your concrete is sinking, Concrete Solutions, FL can and will help! The longer you wait to address the problem, the more expensive the repair will be. Concrete settling and sinking is quite common. It occurs when the soil, at the time of installation, was not compacted properly, or when water runoff is not channeled properly. While this can be prevented up front, not all contractors follow proper compaction steps. When this occurs, the only option is calling an expert at Concrete Lifting Solutions.

We begin by filling the voids underneath with an organic structural polymer that lifts the settling concrete slab. Lifting with Polymer Foam uses light equipment and material, penny-sized injection holes and makes less of a mess than replacing the entire concrete slab. Concrete lifting is used as an alternative to concrete mud jacking utilizing non-destructive, extremely effective concrete leveling solutions that keep company costs and downtime, or homeowner/commercial property owners’ inconvenience to a minimum.

Many Years of Experience

Concrete Solutions, FL provides experienced, professional, expert concrete lifting, repair, and stabilization throughout the region. Conditions, where outdoor concrete has already begun to sink, is not uncommon in Florida and is often the result of shifting or a weak soil base or erosion. Sinking concrete can turn sidewalks, driveways and concrete floors into unattractive safety hazards. It can be a real problem if you are concerned about the liability of visitors tripping on your property, preparing your home for sale, or simply want to enjoy your home with your friends and family.

Utilizing our many years of experience, we’ve handled a wide range of residential, industrial, and commercial projects with expertise. Concrete lifting can be enormously expensive. We provide affordable concrete lifting, to ensure you’re getting the best service imaginable. We’re raising your curb appeal one piece at a time. Give us a call to learn how we can be a part of your concrete solution.


"I am a business owner and President of an HOA, so I can appreciate a solid honest business owner and Neal and his staff are solid five-star people. Concrete Solutions did a superb job for our Association and in between inclement weather. They simply provided us great value. Dwight Harris, President, Advanced Pension Programs, Inc."

- Dwight H. 10/18/2017


"An amazing job updating my old concrete pool deck! I recently purchased a house with an old pool deck that had multiple colors showing through from previous cool crete and coverings/stains. From the initial estimate and evaluation with Rich through the install of the Euro Tile, the process was fairly painless for me. An excellent job from beginning to end. Very delighted with the final product!"

- John W. 08/07/2017


"The guys did a wonderful job! It was very important to them that we were happy with the job. I've had my brother-in-law and a neighbor that loved their work and asked for their number. It's hard to get reliable and quality workmanship! You will love their work and they are honest and fair in their estimates. Neal and Rich are great, and so are the guys who do the back-breaking work."

- Cynthia T. 03/11/2017